Friday, October 2, 2009

Letters From Strangers

Letters from Strangers is an exchange of words, a social experiment, and community art project aiming to connect strangers from around the world. Through just one letter, you can touch someone's life.

You send me an anonymous letter written to a stranger and a stamped self-addressed envelope. I repackage your letter and send it off to another stranger. Then I send a random letter from a stranger to you.

Please do not reveal your name or contact information in your letter. I do not store your name or address, and no one will see them but you, me, and the postal service. The goal is complete anonymity.

Feel free to sketch or paint, include crafts, write a story, philosophize, ramble, wax poetic, or just let your creativity flow.

Send your letter to:

If you would like to support Letters from Strangers, please feel free to donate or include a spare stamp with your letter. Any contribution helps me to keep LFS running, and is greatly appreciated.

Legal Notice: By submitting to this website, you are giving Letters From Strangers permission to publish your letters with a permanent and royalty free license. Letters From Strangers maintains rights to possess, reproduce, select, distribute, and modify content that has been mailed in. By submitting a marked and stamped envelope, you are agreeing to receive a letter from another stranger. While discretion is used, Letters From Strangers is not responsible for the content of the letter that you receive. Images from this website are not to be displayed without credit.


  1. Hello Katie! Just wondering if you've gotten that PO Box yet? I want to send a letter, but I am concerned that the address you have posted is still your college one as you mentioned, and that they will stop forwarding your mail before I get the chance to send you my letter. I hope you know that a 3.5x5.5 sized box can hold quite a lot of letters, more than you expect, i know because i have that size. I strongly encourage you to get the smaller PO box if it means getting it more quickly.

    1. Hi Colby! I still haven't found a job since graduation or gotten any donations, so I can't afford the PO box yet.

      Fortunately, I worked in the mailroom for several years, so my letters are forwarded to me. That's where I got the idea for LFS. :)

      Shoot me an email, and I'll give you my personal address, so it will get to me more directly, though.

  2. Hello, Katie
    I just found your you awesome (idea) site and I'm from Rio de Janeiro, and I am really interesting about send you letters. Please, I'd like to know if you keep doing this! And I'm sure that I'll support you.

  3. Hello! I'm glad you like the idea. :) I'm still doing the project in my spare time, so I hope you're still interested! Go ahead and use the address above, or email me and I can give you a more direct one.


  4. This is a great idea! I just googled, how to write anonymous letters to someone across the world and your blog showed up! :D



  5. I just came across this today, and I had the same question as Colby! I hope that as of this message you are still doing this wonderful project and I look forward to sending you my letter!